Population Health


At the NCNA 2018 Statewide Membership Forum there was an overarching message from our members that Population Health was an issue that impacted our members, their colleagues, patients, clients, family members and health care organizations. The unanimous decision by the assembly was that NCNA should actively address this issue. In response the NCNA Board of Directors formed a Population Health Task Force, the members charged with addressing this issue on behalf of the entire membership, to identify and implement actionable interventions that NCNA could employ. 

The task force has been working/meeting diligently and the result is this webpage that was envisioned, developed and refined by the task force members, the NCNA staff and individual members who test drove the webpage to provide feedback to ensure the best possible product. We invite you to explore these pages, share them with your colleagues and continue to provide feedback to NCNA regarding the information and its effectiveness. 




What is Population Health?

CDC views population health as an interdisciplinary, customizable approach that allows health departments to connect practice to policy for change to happen locally. This approach utilizes non-traditional partnerships among different sectors of the community - public health, industry, academia, health care, local government entities, etc. - to achieve positive health outcomes.

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