2023 Nurses Day at the Legislature
March 28, 2023
Raleigh, NC (4.25 CH)
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Stress First Aid Training Initiative
March 31, 2023
Fayetteville, NC (4.0 CH)
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2023 Nurse Practitioner Spring Symposium
April 16-19, 2023
Wilmington, NC (29.0 CH; 8.5 Pharm)
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NCNA inspires professional growth and experiences, informs members and advocates for the health and well-being of all NC residents by providing opportunities for members to learn, connect and excel. Together, we move Nursing Forward®!


Look for the most exciting nursing job opportunities or potential hires in North Carolina! NCNA is happy to offer the best resource for qualified candidates and employers within the nursing profession.


As the leading professional organization for North Carolina’s registered nurses, we equip nurses at all stages to thrive in an ever-changing healthcare environment. NCNA helps keep North Carolina nurses on the cutting edge of nursing practice, policy, education, and more. Join us as we work to advance nursing and ensure high-quality healthcare for everyone.


The North Carolina Nurses Association serves the changing needs of its members, addresses nursing issues, and advocates for the health and well-being of all people.



Bipartisan SAVE Act Introduced; NC Legislators Aim to Increase Access to Quality Healthcare

The SAVE Act is designed to remove superfluous red tape and would allow APRNs to practice to the full extent of their training and education, bringing the state in line with national standards that at least 26 other states have already successfully adopted.


Five Nurses Ready to Get to Work at the NC General Assembly
A record number of nurses will be helping guide important policy decisions at the North Carolina General Assembly, with four nurses in the House and one in the Senate. NCNA encourages their fellow legislators, constituents, lobbyists, and reporters to take advantage of that invaluable knowledge base this session.


Survey: Nurses Burning Out at Unsustainable Rate
New survey results show the North Carolina nurse population is increasingly facing serious challenges on multiple fronts, with little reason for optimism in the short team. The pre-pandemic shortage of nurses willing to work at the bedside is worsening, workplace violence incidents continue to rise at an alarming rate, and a variety of factors are feeding into unsustainable levels of burnout.


Op-Ed: End the Violence Against Nurses
NCNA President Meka Douthit Ingram and ANA President Ernest Grant have co-authored an op-ed calling for better protection for nurses in the wake of NCNA member June Onkundi’s murder.


Statement on the Death of June Onkundi
NCNA President Meka Douthit Ingram responds to the tragic news that an NCNA member was killed by a patient this week.


Nurses Honored & Celebrated at NCNA Annual Convention
Nearly 500 registered nurses from across the state gathered in Raleigh on September 15-16 for the North Carolina Nurses Association’s (NCNA) 115th Annual Convention. “This is the place where we advocate for education, practice, policy, and so much more. There is something for everybody,” said NCNA President Meka Douthit EL, DNP, RN, NE-BC.


NCNA Offers Rebuttal to NCMA Op-Ed
Last week, the North Carolina Medical Society had an Op-Ed published in several newspapers about the SAVE Act. This is the North Carolina Nurses Association's rebuttal.


Medicaid Expansion & Full Practice Authority for APRNs Pass the Senate
In a historic day for NCNA's legislative efforts, a bill granting Full Practice Authority for Advanced Practice Registered Nurses has been approved by one of the state's legislative chambers.

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