If you are planning many educational activities and wish to forego approval every time you plan and implement an activity, then consider the Approved Provider process. Once you are approved to function as an Approved Provider, you can deliver as many activities as you like to as many learners as possible for the approval period. Eligibility to apply or re-apply must be confirmed before NCNA will accept the Approved Provider Application.

Note: If you are new to the process, you must first meet criteria for the 3 Individual Activities approved by NCNA within a 12 month period prior to applying for AP status (or approved by an ANCC accredited approver other than NCNA).

The North Carolina Nurses Association is accredited as an approver of nursing continuing professional development by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation.

Applications | Forms - Using 2015 Criteria

Verify Eligibility and Submit:
AP Eligibility to Apply or Re-Apply for Approved Provider Status

  1. new and ready to proceed to AP status, or
  2. current AP that is renewing

IMPORTANT: If you are an NCNA member hoping to plan an activity for an NCNA Region or Council, please email our office

Ready to Submit Application? Use This Most Recent Revision:

Approved Provider Application (Rev Dec 2021)

Reminder:  Please submit your renewal application to NCNA via our online portal: Your application should contain either one complete PDF file (self study section plus three individual activities in one PDF file) or four PDF files (self study section PDF and then three individual activity PDF files). 

Sample Forms 

AP Planning Template - Clinical (Revised April 2022)

AP Planning Template - Non-Clinical (Revised February 2022)

AP Mitigation Tools - Financial Disclosure (Revised December 2021)

AP Mitigation Tools - NP Worksheet (Revised December 2021)

AP Commercial Support Agreement – 2015 Criteria (Revised December 2021)

AP Educational Planning Table–Live/Enduring Material (Rev July 2016) 

AP Fee Structure (Effective January 1, 2013)


Type of Organization Application Fee
College/University $1750
Specialty Nursing Association $1750
Health Related Organization $2000
Multidisciplinary Education Group $2000
Professional Nursing Education Group $2000
Health Care Facility/Governmental Entity
*Assume 1.5 RNs/bed
1.5 – 299 $1750
300 – 699 $2250
≥ 700 $3000
Health Care System (> 1 Facility/Entity/Organization) $3500

*Adopted from ANCC website

Organization Type Definitions:

  • College/University: An institution of higher education with authority to award baccalaureate or higher degrees in nursing, and a provider unit.
  • Governmental Entity: A governmental entity that provides nursing services.
  • Health Care Facility: An organization that provides health care services (i.e. hospitals, hospice, outpatient facilities, medical offices, clinics) OR agencies with a provider unit that supplies health care workers to organizations, including homes.
  • Health Related Organization: Organizations that support health care delivery or services but does not provide direct patient/clinical care.
  • Multidisciplinary Education Group: A continuing education provider for nursing and other disciplines.
  • Professional Nursing Education Group: A continuing education provider for nurses only.
  • Specialty Nursing Organization: A nursing body with a majority (>50%) of voting members who are registered nurses practicing in a specialized nursing area as defined in the organization’s governing documents.
  • Other: If organization type is not listed above, consult with the Accredited Approver Program Director  (

Additional Information

Financial Disclosure Determination Decision Making Model

Primary Nurse Planner (PNP) and Nurse Planner (NP) Roles & Responsibilities (Revised January 2022)

NCPD Record Keeping Requirements (May 2022)

Gap Analysis Tool

Guidelines for Calculating/Awarding Pharmacotherapeutic Credit

ACCME Standards for Integrity and Independence in Accredited Education Info Packet (Revised December 2021)

NCNA Crosswalk for Implementation of new Standards for Integrity and Independence (Revised December 2021)

ANCC-Principles of Adult Learning Theory

Calculation of Contact Hours