Leadership Guidelines

The NCNA Board of Directors approved the formation of the Simulation Council in October 2009 in response to the great interest that members had regarding simulation learning modalities, including Human Patient Simulators (HPS), task trainers, virtual reality, serious games, and standardized patients.

The Simulation Council Leadership consists of the following offices:

  • Chair
  • Vice-Chair
  • Secretary
  • Members-at-Large (2)
  • Communications Manager

The term for each office is two years, with half of the offices being elected each year on the following rotation:

  • Odd years - Chair, Secretary, one Member-at-Large;
  • Even years - Vice-Chair, one Member-at-Large, Communications Manager.

Nominations for offices will be solicited at the fall meeting of the Simulation Council and through an announcement sent via NCNA list-server after the meeting to all members of the Council. The Council Board will develop a slate of officers and present the nominees for a vote at the January meeting. Officer transition will take place at the January meeting of each year.

This document provides guidelines for continuity of leadership within the Simulation Council, but the Council Board retains the ability to make adjustment to its membership in the event of unexpected circumstances. The full Council membership will be notified of any out-of-cycles Board member changes by NCNA list-server.

Presented and approved: Sim Council 1-8-2016