Past Webinars for NCNA Members

Newly added: 

*NEW* Project Firstline: “SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19)-The Pandemic of 2020: On a Collison Course with U.S. Healthcare
(Ends July 1, 2022)

*NEW* Webinar: Bounce Higher - Building Personal and Team Resilience! (Triangle Region)
(Ends November 1, 2023)

*NEW* Webinar: A Holistic Approach to Self-Care for Nurses: A Journey to Joy and Resilience (South Central Region)
(Ends November 4, 2023)

Webinar: Gerontological Emergency Perparedness
(Ends December 31, 2021) (1.0 CH)

Webinar: Hospice vs Palliative Care Considerations  
(Ends August 27, 2022) (1.0 CH)

Webinar: The Role of Healthcare Professionals in Combating Human Trafficking
(Ends February 11, 2022) (1.0 CH)

Webinar: Health Aging: Linking Nursing Practice to Community Volunteerism
(Ends October 22, 2022) (1.0 CH)

Webinar: Transformational Leadership
(Ends November 13, 2022) (1.0 CH)

Webinar: Human Trafficking - Hidden in Plain Sight
(Ends February 5, 2023) (1.0 CH)

Webinar: When Old Birds Sing and Young Birds Tweet: Challenges of Generational Diversity and Workplace Solutions
(Ends February 5, 2023) (1.0 CH)

Espousing Cultural Humility and Responsivity: Gerontology: Engaging the Mature Adult Population (Gero Council)
(Ends March 8, 2023) (1.0 CH)

Less Stress, More Peace of Mind: Holistic Self-Care Strategies for Nurses 
(Ends April 21, 2023)

Webinar: Money Laundering, Fraud & Elder Abuse Prevention (Gero Council)
(Ends May 6, 2023) (1.0 CH)

Webinar: Let’s Keep Talking: Diversity, Health Equity and Social Justice
(Ends May 7, 2022) (3.0 CH)

Nurturing the Joy of Nursing (Triangle Region)  
(Ends June 3, 2023)

Whole Health Techniques to Manage Caregiver Anxiety, Fear and Stress (SE Region)
(Ends June 3, 2023)

Nursing Leaders: The Key to Nurse Health and Wellness
(Ends June 4, 2023)

Managing Traumatic Brain Injury in the Community (South Central Region)
(Ends July 2, 2023)

Identify & Nurture Your Inner Leader Voice | Empowering the Leader Within You (NW Region)
(Ends July 2, 2023)

Webinar: Health Literacy for the Older Adult (Gero Council)
(Ends September 3, 2023)