What is a PAC?

“PAC” is an acronym for Political Action Committee. A PAC collects contributions from individuals of similar professional groups or likeminded issue stances who seek to contribute to candidates for public office who support the organization’s policy agenda.

What is the purpose of the NC Nurses PAC?

NC Nurses PAC seeks to support and represent the interests of NCNA members. NC Nurses PAC ensures that nurses’ voices are being heard by candidates running for statewide office. The PAC will contribute to candidates of both political parties, including Registered Nurses, seeking election to the North Carolina General Assembly based on their support for the nursing profession and quality access to healthcare for all North Carolinians. 

How long has NC Nurses PAC been in existence?

Formerly known as the NC Nurse Ambassadors PAC, the NC Nurses PAC is the renamed and reenergized political action committee of the North Carolina Nurses Association. NC Nurses PAC will amplify the voices of nurses in the political process and will be used to support candidates that promote legislative efforts that create a positive work environment for each nursing professional to practice and provide quality care for their patients.

How is NC Nurses PAC funded?

The NC Nurses PAC is funded through voluntary individual contributions from NCNA members and other donors who understand the importance of nursing in North Carolina.

Why can’t my membership dues fund NC Nurses PAC?

Election law prohibits NCNA from contributing membership dues to support the NC Nurses PAC or any candidate committee. Through voluntary contributions to the NC Nurses PAC from members, NCNA is better able to maintain relationships with elected representatives and candidates.

Why should I give to NC Nurses PAC?

  • Support for your profession - NC Nurses PAC works on behalf of nursing professionals and makes contributions to candidates who understand the issues that affect nursing and healthcare in North Carolina. By contributing to NC Nurses PAC, you support your colleagues in the field and the patients you serve.
  • Support for your association - Contributing to NC Nurses PAC shows your support for NCNA and the advocacy efforts that seek to allow nurses to practice to the full scope of their education, training and certification. PAC contributions support candidates whose views are consistent with the legislative priorities of the association and help to solidify relationships between NCNA and members of the North Carolina General Assembly.
  • Strength in numbers - When contributions from NCNA members and our allies are added together collectively, the PAC
    • increases the number of contributions made to candidates who support the nursing profession and, 
    • can contribute greater amounts of dollars to support candidates friendly to the legislative priorities of the association.

Can non-NCNA members donate to the NC Nurses PAC?

Yes, non-members can contribute to the NC Nurses PAC!

Who receives contributions from NC Nurses PAC?

NC Nurses PAC supports candidates of both political parties, including Registered Nurses, seeking election to the North Carolina General Assembly who have shown a commitment to the nursing profession and for solutions that seek to provide quality access to health care for all North Carolinians.

Will NC Nurses PAC contribute to federal candidates?

  • No. NC Nurses PAC supports candidates running for office in North Carolina. The PAC contributes to Republican and Democratic candidates seeking election to the North Carolina General Assembly.
  • Candidates for federal office may seek the support of the American Nurses Association Political Action Committee.

NCNA provides financial resources for lobbying efforts, so why does NCNA need NC Nurses PAC?

PAC contributions help to enhance the relationship between candidates and NCNA. These relationships between NCNA and policymakers assist the association’s efforts to pass legislation that will impact the nursing profession and the overall system of healthcare in North Carolina.  PAC contributions by association members show a commitment to elect candidates that will advocate on their behalf With the amount of legislation and regulations that impact the nursing profession increasing each year, it is essential that association members place greater emphasis on contributing to the PAC.