Opportunities to Stay Involved

The 2019 legislative session promises to be one of the most significant grassroots efforts NCNA has embarked on in a long time! We are ramping up efforts around school nurse funding, full practice authority for APRNs, and other important policy issues. Some of our issues already have a lot of momentum and we are heading to Jones Street with strong support from influential groups outside of nursing like the AARP.

Whether you’re volunteering on Jones Street every week or just cheering us on from afar, NCNA has a wide variety of ways you can help lead #NursingForward® in 2019 and beyond.

Weekly Legislative Presence
Starting February 5
We can’t expect legislators to be healthcare experts, so we make sure we’re there each and every week to help them understand the complexities of Full Practice Authority. This is an awesome opportunity to get involved, help advance our legislative agenda alongside nursing colleagues, and learn about the legislative process firsthand. Go here to sign up for a shift (or two!).

Grassroots Advocacy System
Can’t be in Raleigh to meet with legislators in person? This is a great way to make sure your voice is heard! When you sign up, we’ll let you know exactly when we need you to send an email, make a phone call, or post a message on social media – and we make it easy! This is an ideal way to make sure legislators from YOUR district know that nurses are involved and that we’re paying close attention to how they’re voting. Go here to sign up.

Nurse of the Day
Now through August
This is one of the best chances to see the inner workings of the General Assembly and is always incredibly popular. Volunteers serve as the onsite RN for the day: they treat legislators, staff, constituents, and visitors as needed. They’re recognized by name on the floor of both the House and the Senate and get to observe big hearings and crucial votes. Go here to volunteer.

NC Nurses PAC
It’s nearly impossible to separate money from politics, and this Political Action Committee is the best way for nurses to make sure that we’re promoting candidates who prioritize issues that improve patient care. The PAC is bi-partisan: it supports any candidate who supports nurses. In the last election cycle we gave to 27 candidates, including all three of the RNs who currently serve in the General Assembly. Go here to donate.