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HB 88 Getting House Health Committee Vote

5/23/17 UPDATE: Unfortunately, the Committee Chairs have decided not to call a meeting this week, meaning the vote will not take place tomorrow. We are not sure when the vote will be rescheduled, but we still feel very optimistic about the bill’s potential to advance through House Health, whenever the committee members do get a chance to vote on it.


Earlier this week, we found out that the House Health Committee will vote on House Bill 88, Modernize Nursing Practice Act, on Wednesday, May 24. NCNA lobbyists Patrick Ballantine and Alex Miller discuss what that means and why it is important for all nurses to advocate for this important bill.

Use the contact information below to ask your representative to support HB 88! If your legislator isn’t in House Health, we hope he/she will have the opportunity to vote “yes” in a future committee meeting and on the floor, so feel free to call them now, too! You can find contact information for your Representative by clicking here.

Note: please do not call the entire list. We want to ensure, as much as possible, that legislators are hearing from their own constituents.

Committee Chairs:

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