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Disaster Recovery Volunteering Options for Nurses

September 13, 2018


RALEIGH, NC - We’ve already been hearing from nurses – both here at home and beyond the North Carolina state line – who want to volunteer in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence. NCNA has reached out to several different agencies to help efficiently funnel nurses to the right places. Here are a few options to consider:

 • Register with the statewide NC Training - Exercise - Response Management System (NC TERMS):
• American Red Cross of Eastern North Carolina:

• Due to licensure restrictions, nurses from outside of NC can only practice as nurses in established NC healthcare systems or through the American Red Cross:
 • Register with your state’s Emergency Management Department now; North Carolina’s Office of Emergency Medical Services will reach out to other states for resources as needed in the coming months.

Guidance from the NC Board of Nursing

During the period of disaster, which has been declared, nurses outside of NC are authorized to practice in NC under the following guidelines:
1. Nurses must hold an active, unrestricted multi-state license in any Nurse Licensure Compact state can practice in NC at any time.
2. Nurses holding an active, unrestricted single state license in a non-compact state can practice in NC during periods of official disaster designation.
3. Prior to allowing practice, employing system/facility must verify active, unrestricted licensure of all nurses (RN and LPN), from all states (compact or non-compact). Licensure information can be verified easily through NURSYS available at:
4. Employing system/facility must maintain a record of the names and verified license number for a period of 1 year and provide this information to the Board if requested.

• There are plenty of volunteering opportunities that do not require you to practice as a nurse; look for a group within the National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (National VOAD):

 (image source: & the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)