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Nurses Week 2018: Inspire – Innovate – Influence

By NCNA President Elaine Scherer, MAEd, BSN, RN
May 6, 2018


May 6-12 is National Nurses Week and once again, nursing is at the top of the Gallup poll for being the most honest, ethical, trustworthy profession. It is a true honor to have the trust of the American public. Our mission is to advocate for the health and well-being of those we care for as well as the public in general. The past few years have challenged us in multiple ways as health care evolves into the digital age. Our profession continues to inspire, innovate and influence to ensure that we are at every table when health decisions about our patients, family and community are being made.

Everyone benefits when nurses succeed. Nurses are the largest segment of the healthcare community, and we strive to be a powerful ally for patients. Nurses help guide people through joyous events and shocking prognoses, and it is not hyperbole to say that nurses are there when people are at their most vulnerable. We know we have a great responsibility to continually earn the trust of North Carolina’s patients. Time and again, the dedicated members of this profession have proven they are up to the task.

I am proud to be the elected President of the North Carolina Nurses Association, a non-profit organization that represents the 135,000 Registered Nurses in our state. North Carolina is the only state that elects the majority of the North Carolina Board of Nursing members. In 1903, we became the first state in the nation to register nurses by measuring core competencies, led by Mary Lewis Wyche, NCNA’s first president who was known as a pioneer of organized nursing. We honor this distinction with our state-sanctioned “First in Nursing” license plates, with proceeds providing education grants to help ensure we have enough nurses to care for our growing population.

You will find RNs everywhere there is a need in North Carolina. We are working closely with the members of the General Assembly to increase the presence of registered nurses in our public schools and to ensure that all nurses can work to the full extent of their licenses and education in specialties such as geriatrics, mental health, family health and multiple other areas. Research findings have proven that access to affordable health care in North Carolina is greatly enhanced by nurses, and we encourage you to ask your representatives to continue supporting nurses!

Most everyone knows a nurse or is related to one. So take the time to recognize a nurse this week, you may be inspired! Nursing Forward®