NCNA Introduces Fellowship for Diversity in Nursing Leadership

February 20, 2024
By Evona Dancey; NCNA Marketing & Communications Assistant


NCNA recently partnered with the South Carolina Nurses Association and the Georgia Nurses Association to launch the Diversity in Nursing Leadership Fellowship.

Resulting from NCNA’s efforts committing to Relentless Inclusion and implementing increased diversity, equity, and inclusion within the organization, the program was created with a grant from The National Commission to Address Racism in Nursing and focuses on developing leadership skills in nurses of color and other underrepresented nursing communities.

The Diversity in Nursing Leadership Fellowship is available to 30-40 minority nurses residing in the Southeastern United States and will provide mentorship from established and credentialed nurse leaders. The fellowship will center around individual goal development, with sessions on the challenges frequently faced by underrepresented populations. Additionally, it will assist participants in the pursuit of external leadership and educational opportunities.

At the program’s end, participants will gain skills to navigate obstacles commonly faced by marginalized nursing groups and have set their own goals for pursuing a leadership role in the nursing profession. The fellowship aims to supply nurses with support and access to new leadership opportunities through 2025.

"This fellowship will offer content, connections and confidence to equip nurses for leadership opportunities and will strengthen and diversify the pool of nurses ready and willing to serve,” said Tina Gordon, NCNA Chief Executive Officer.

Enrollment for The Diversity in Nursing Leadership Fellowship will begin this spring. The fellowship, beginning this summer, will span over multiple days with two virtual sessions and one in-person.