NCNA Statewide Elections


NCNA Statewide Office Election
Voting Period: August 1 (9:00 am) through September 19 (5:45 pm)


View Candidate Profiles Here

Vote for the next generation of NCNA leaders! Starting on August 1, online voting gets underway for NCNA’s 2019 elections. We encourage all members to make their voices heard and help shape the future of the association. The list of candidates this year features many members who routinely put a lot of time and effort into making NCNA a great organization, and we are optimistic that trend will continue no matter who is elected.

2019-2020 Ballot

President-Elect (Elect 1)
Meka Douthit EL
Thompson Forbes
Secretary/Treasurer (Elect 1)
Ryan Lewis
Rhonda Rychlik

Member at Large (Elect 4)
Al Anderson
Bonnie Davis Meadows
Pam Spivey
Val Tarte
Rosemary Wallace
Holly Wei
Cathleen Wheatley
Tomika Williams

Chair, Commission on Advanced Practice Nursing (Elect 1)
Carrie Palmer

Nominations Committee (Elect 3)  
Renee Mayo
Carmen Shaw
Gail Shue

Chair, Bylaws Committee (Elect 1)
Eve Layman

ANA Membership Assembly (Elect 2)
Meka Douthit EL
Thompson Forbes
Dennis Taylor

2019 Election Timeline

  • August 1 (9:00 am): Online Voting Begins (Candidate Profiles Here)
  • September 19: “Meet the Candidates” booth at the Annual Convention in Winston-Salem
  • September 19 (5:45 pm): Polls Close
  • September 20: Results announced and officers installed at the Membership Forum at Convention in Winston-Salem