NCNA Statewide Elections


NCNA Statewide Office Elections for 2017-2018 will open on July 17, 2017.

Voting will close at 5:45 pm on September 14, 2017. On September 15, 2017, election results will be announced at the 2017 Annual Convention and posted here.

HOW TO VOTE (Election site opens July 17)

  1. Go to the voting site:
  2. Enter your Username. (If your username is your email address, enter only the portion before the @ symbol.)
  3. Enter your Member Number. (Please contact if you do not know your member number.)
  4. Click on Continue and follow the voting instructions.

2017-2018 Ballot (View Candidate Profiles Here)

• Dennis Taylor

• Julie DelCasino

Regional Director, Mountain
• Carrie Edgison
• Kristi Sanborn Miller

Regional Director, Northeast
• Thompson Forbes

Regional Director, Northwest
• Allister Morris

Regional Director, South Central
• Teresa Duncan

Regional Director, Southeast
• Lisa Snow

Regional Director, Southwest
• Tina Schoen

Regional Director, Triad
• Meka Douthit El
• Wendy Hicks

Regional Director, Triangle
• Audrey Neal
• Ramesh Upadhyaya

Chair, Commission on Advanced Practice Nursing
• Britney Broyhill
• John Distler
• Carrie Palmer

Chair, Leadership Development Committee
• Mary Graff

Chair, Bylaws
• Eve Layman
• Diamond Staton-Williams

ANA Membership Assembly (Elect Two)
• Elaine Scherer
• Dennis Taylor