Nursing History Council


Founded in 2014, the Nursing History Council traces the roots of nurses in North Carolina who have been instrumental in the profession of nursing. Our goal is to capture and share the stories of nursing past and present. Nursing has long been defined as both an art and a science. The untrained nurse is as old as the human race; the educated nurse is a recent phenomenon. The art of nursing has gone through many stages. From the Civil War to the September 11th terrorist attacks, nursing has played a key role in improving people’s health and well-being. We welcome input from those interested in the history of nursing in North Carolina. Please send information or materials about individual nurses, schools of nursing, nursing organizations and events of significance to North Carolina nursing history that you think would be beneficial additions.

We also welcome new members! Anyone with an interest in the history of nursing in North Carolina is invited to explore our website and request to join our council.



The Nursing History Council of the North Carolina Nurse Association (NCNA) provides historical context and materials for the NCNA and its members. The council works collaboratively to obtain, create, collect, archive and disseminate the history of North Carolina nursing through oral interviews, written documentation, audio-visual materials and artifacts. The nurses on whose shoulders we stand deserve to be recognized. Nurses today use lessons from the past to improve the profession and the well-being of North Carolinians in the future.

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Council Officers

Chair: LaShanda Sell
Vice Chair: Phoebe Pollitt