Nurses on Boards Resources


Empowering Nurses to Serve on Boards of Directors


Nurses on Boards Informational Brochure (PDF)

Readiness Assessment 

If you are interested in serving on a board, but are not quite sure if you are ready to serve, download and complete this readiness assessment! This document will help you assess key areas deemed important for board readiness, rank your scores so that you can visualize your areas of strength and weakness, and provide you with detailed information on ways you can strengthen your weaker areas. (Please note: This document is ONLY a guide to readiness; this document is not intended to determine if you are "ready" to serve on a board-only the board accepting your application can determine that.)


Intro to Board Service Tool Kit (PDF)

This document provides you with a introduction to board service. Great resource for nurses that have never served on a board and are looking for additional information.


American Nurses Foundation Nurses on Boards Webinar Series

This is a FREE 5-part webinar series that is designed to help you prepare for serving on a board!  Topics of importance include how to prepare//create your board resume, the importance of nurses serving on boards, how to select a board you are interested in, and strategies for networking with board members.  The total time for all 5 webinars is approximately 3 hours, split into 20-30 minute segments.