Nurses on Boards 2020 Council

Mission: Empowering nurses to serve on boards of directors.
Vision: Organizations in North Carolina will actively seek nurses to fill positions on their boards of directors.



  • identify nurses interested in board service
  • identify boards and commissions impacting health that do not have nurse members
  • promote individualized plans to develop skills necessary for board service
  • provide experienced nurse mentors for nurses newly appointed to boards of directors
  • provide education programs for nurses to prepare for board service
  • other strategies suggested by the Council membership

Empowering Nurses to Serve on Boards of Directors

Informational Brochure (PDF)
Tool Kit (PDF)
Readiness Assessment 


Impact Strategy #1

The Nurses on Boards 2020 Council encourages registered nurses in North Carolina who are members of an organization Board of Directors or want to be considered for an organization Board of Directors position to document their interest online near the middle of the National Nurses on Boards Coalition website.
National Nurses on Boards Coalition Website


Impact Strategy #2

Review and/or apply for available board of director positions listed on the North Carolina Office of the Governor Website.


Interested in joining the Nurses on Boards 2020 Council? We would love to have you! NCNA members can join any council by updating their profile. Click on the “Account” tab, then choose “Personal Info” on the left side of the page, and scroll down to choose the councils you wish to join. Don’t forget to hit “Save” at the bottom! If you have any questions, feel free to email us at

Council Leadership

Co-Chair: Karen Lewis (2018-2019)
Co-Chair: Letisha Matos (2019-2020)
Secretary: Judy Schneider 
Data Manager:  Allen Gray 
Committee A (Equip): Marion Alexander 
Committee B (Find Nurses): Wendy Murphy 
Committee C (Mentor): Susan Lynch 
Committee D (Find Boards): Jean Reinert